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Wiseinsane is about helping you to stay updated in this quickly changing environment by providing you with all the information required. Wiseinsane brings you best of curated articles and poetries. Wiseinsane is about everyone who is mature enough to be immature. A person who is smart to be silly. It is about people who can relate themselves as wise and insane

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Journey of Life

It’s a bumper box of Belgian chocs. It’s a bowl of wholesome pasta. It’s a rickety ride that rocks and shocks, so scream if you wanna go faster. It’s the state of being before you’re Read more…

Chalang- The Leap

छलांग – The Leap ज़िन्दगी मैं ऐसा समय आएगा जब चुनना पड़ेगा मेरे भाई तब एक तरफ होगा कुंवा और दूसरे तरफ होगी खाई और एक बाजु तो कूदना होगा तुम्हे क्योंके ज़िन्दगी ऐसी ही Read more…

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